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May 12, 2016

Episode 045 - Bloopers & Outtakes & Lisps, oh my!

Long-promised and much-anticipated, the blooper show has arrived! I didn't want to miss an episode release just because I'm sunning myself in beautiful Punta Cana this week on my honeymoon, so I decided to throw together a massive clip show featuring all of the bloopers, outtakes, and cut segments that I've got lying around from months and months of recording the podcast. It allows a bit of a peek into the behind-the-scenes production of the podcast and how we do our lead-outs and lead-ins, how we synch our recording tracks, and how we flub lines- intentionally or otherwise- and it breaks everything down. 

First up in the episode is a heated debate between Justin & James of the Classy Little Podcast, after James dismissed Justin's notion that Sylvester Stallone was one of the "great creative minds" in the film industry. This couldn't make the cut in the Oscars episode since that was already running way too long, but I thought I'd save it and play it here, since we definitely get passionate from time to time about our favorite films and our favorite film stars.

As the episode rolls on, we'll hear some lead-in bloopers and outtakes, as we can never quite seem to nail the lead-in to the episode or different segments on the first take. Sometimes I even try to get a little bit fancy or do something unique, and it almost always fails. Enjoy clips in this section that also feature our good friend (and guest on the show) Dan Brenic as well as our brothers in Perth, Paul & Wayne from The Countdown. We'll also have an audio tribute with a whole slew of Lisp outtakes.

Lastly, I decided to include another video from the EFG video days, this being our visit to the Zombie Walk in Binghamton in 2014. You can check out this great video over at It's a shame that the guy we had partnered up with turned out to be a complete flake, because this was a lot of fun, and I really feel like Epic Film Guys could've gone in a completely different direction. But then, would we even be the Epic Film Guys podcast if that were the case? We'll never know.

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The Earth Collective is a serial drama about "the last remaining group of humans stranded on Oasus, fighting to run from The Dark." Season two is on hiatus, so please listen to season one and let them know you're a supporter. Listen to season one and subscribe to them at Follow TEC on twitter @TECStory. 

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The Classy Little Podcast is one of the most fun shows you could listen to, where they pick a topic and delve into its histories and controversies. James and Emily are hilarious and fun, and you'll be hooked after one episode. Check them out and rate them at Follow them on twitter @classy_podcast.

The Afterburn739 podcast comes to you live from the Scrish bar, as Kitty, Leo, Midge, Cobra, Jackie & Fez explore the latest in pop culture. One listen and you'll be a regular! Check them out at Follow them on twitter @afterburn739!

Do you love inappropriate humor? Join the guys over at Paint it Black Podcast for drunken discussions of weird news! Find them at Follow them on twitter @PIBComics.

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