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February 25, 2016

Episode 034 - The Classy Little Oscar Crossover!

Hollywood's biggest night is fast-approaching this Sunday at 7 PM, and the only way to do an event THIS big was to do our biggest episode ever! To do that, we are joining forces with the Classy Little Podcast to discuss everything Oscars in our massive Oscar BLOWOUT! This, however, is more than just a crossover- we're mashing both shows together, so you'll hear your favorite segments from us and some great segments from James and Emily. In fact, you may have already listened to this episode over at, but our episode clocks in at a much healthier 99 minutes, including some segments recorded just for our release. We also edited them separately! 

We won't go into our full picks here in the show notes, so for a FULL rundown head over to and check them out. Also, please let us know YOUR picks for the upcoming awards show! We're not really interested here in "picking the winners," meaning getting our picks 100% right. I think the business of picking Oscar films should be to root for the films you love and want to win. The alternative has always seemed relatively lifeless to me, as the Oscars are extremely easy to pick anyway!   

Our guests from the Classy Little Podcast lead things off with some Oscar trivia and fun facts, including why you might want to practice your acceptance speech while holding a human head. Emily has some tips on how to win an Oscar pool whether or not you are a cinephile, and James will talk about some Oscar winners who may have peaked and faded.  

Last but not least, in this week's Epic Previews segment, we're going to be reviewing the teaser trailer for Disney's remake of Pete's Dragon, as well as taking a look at the upcoming Ghostbusters documentary "Cleanin' Up the Town" which features interviews from literally everyone involved in the production of both films including the twins who played Oscar- except for Bill Murray and Rick Moranis. What did we think of this development? Stay tuned! 

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We can't thank James and Emily enough for working with us on this mash-up episode! You can catch new episodes of the Classy Little Podcast every wine Wednesday. Subscribe to them at! You can also find them on twitter @classy_podcast, instagram @classypodcast, and facebook @classylittlepodcast. Check them out! 

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We must take the opportunity to shout-out our brothers from Perth, Wayne and Paul, and the Countdown Movie and TV reviews podcast. We've got a crossover coming next month and many more fun plans in the future! Find them and rate them on iTunes at

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