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December 10, 2015

Episode 024 - Two Living Rooms Far, Far Away

A week from today, the Epic Film Guys will join millions of people across the country and countless more across the globe as we sit down to watch Episode VII: The Force Awakens! Excitement is at a fever pitch, so we're going to be celebrating EVERYTHING Star Wars in our next two episodes! Tonight, we present the rest of last week's list with the five BEST Star Wars moments, and we're also adding the best and worst characters. All this leads up to our The Force Awakens special episode next week. 

We've also got some exciting news as we are now part of the Podern Family group on twitter! We've joined forces with dozens of other podcasts to cross-promote content. Help us out, and if you like what we do, check out the hashtag #PodernFamily on twitter and check out some of the other podcasts in the group. We'll be promoting a few different podcasts each episode with promos they've cut, so you can get a little taste of what they're all about.

#DustItOffDecember is rolling on strong, and we've got updates and shout-outs for everyone taking part in the challenge here. It's not to late to get started! Just pick ten films you have or have access to that you haven't seen in awhile, and pop 'em back in. Give them a watch and see how you still feel about 'em. That's it, just live and love the classics on your shelf. 

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We definitely encourage you to subscribe to our brothers in Perth, Paul and Wayne at the Countdown Movie and TV Review podcast. In their latest episode, they go over the best and worst of TV in 2015! They do an excellent show, and I just want to take an extra moment to show my gratitude for all of their support.
I also want to give a big shout-out and thank you to the Classy Little Podcast and James and Emily! Please be sure to check out their super-sized holiday episode, Cheers to Gifts! We are looking forward to having one (or both!) of them guest on a future episode and to do a crossover. Cheers!

In this week's episode, we're proud to introduce the Cocktails and Centaurs podcast, and The Earth Collective!
Cocktails & Centaurs:
Jessica and Elizabeth describe themselves as "fast witted smart asses who have been having a great time together for the last 17 years." Give them a listen!
The Earth Collective:
The Earth Collective is a serial drama about "the last remaining group of humans stranded on Oasus, fighting to run from The Dark." I listened to all of it in a day, and I'm hooked. The season finale is coming soon! 
As mentioned in the episode, we're partnering with Star Wars Battlefront Forum in our lead up to the release of episode VII. We'll have written reviews of the original trilogy going up there within the next week. Check them out at!

Justin's review of Krampus as he mentioned is at
Tonight's musical selections:  
"Epic Film Guys Theme" by Eric Askew
All Star Wars music by John Williams
"Hello" by Adele

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