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December 3, 2015

Episode 023 - Star Wars Celebration & Batman v Superman trailer reaction!

A very happy December to all of our listeners out there! With the start of December we have begun our official countdown to Star Wars Episode VII, and all of our podcasts through the opening weekend will be Star Wars themed in honor of this franchise that we (and so many of you!!) love so much. Tonight, we're rattling off our worst moments from the Star Wars saga. Look for our best and worst characters next week and our best moments, and our FULL lead-up episode before we see The Force Awakens live the night of December 17th! We're both brimming with excitement for the next chapter in the saga, and we hope to hear from all of you about yours as well.

Our original plan was to do the best and worst tonight, BUT, we got derailed by the live premiere of the Batman v. Superman trailer!! We watch it live and react to it for the first time for you guys right here on the podcast. Needless to say, we're over the moon! 

Our Never Seen It November challenge has come to an end! We want to thank all of you who participated in the challenge whether you finished or not, the important thing is you took the time to check out a film or films you hadn't had a chance to see before. The votes are in and we are proud to announce our December challenge: Dust-it-off December! Ten films that you've seen before, but not for quite awhile. Dust it off and give it another watch, and see how you feel about it! Same rating? Better? Worse? As usual, let us know what you're watching and we'll shout you out in the podcast.

Justin took a trip to the theater and checked out Creed, the latest film in the Rocky franchise. And, not to be forgotten, Marvel dropped the first full trailer from Civil War! Epic Film Guy Nick hasn't watched it yet, so he takes the opportunity to watch the trailer and comment on it LIVE!

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If you're a fan of the Reel Rundown we encourage you to give a listen to our brothers Paul and Wayne from Perth, Australia and the Countdown Movie and TV Review podcast! Check them out and rate them at In their most recent episode, they ranked the last ten films they saw and debated the 2011 film Drive!

A big CHEERS!! to the Classy Little Podcast and its hosts, James and Emily! A big thank you to Emily for all of her advice and help of late. Enjoy their latest episode, Cheers to Mark Twain! Please rate them on iTunes as well!

Other shoutouts in this episode:

The Enginerdy Show:
Star Wars Battlefront Forum:

Tonight's musical selections:  
"Epic Film Guys Theme" by Eric Askew
All Star Wars music by John Williams
"Rocky Main Theme" by Bill Conti

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