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December 31, 2016

Episode 078 UNCUT - Segment Two (What are rails?!)

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Another patron-exclusive episode and as you can guess, there's a whole lot of Rick & Morty in this UNCUT version of segment two. If you've listened to the edited version of the podcast you'll know that I whittled segment two down to maybe ten minutes or so, but that's because no matter what we did we just couldn't stop driving this thing off the rails. 

We also recorded a special short review of Rogue One for Dan, who wanted his chance to lay into the film a bit since he didn't enjoy it quite as much as any of our roundtable guests. I inserted that into the episode where it was prompted to originally appear; everything else you'll hear is UNCUT! Thank you very much to our amazing patrons, and look forward to more of these amazing exclusives all through 2017!


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