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December 12, 2019

Top Five of 2018 & Nick FINALLY Watches Hereditary!

Welcome one and all to the very last release in our To The Tens series as we revisit the decade in film ahead of the coming "best of the decade" list which we should be compiling sometime in January. This week I am thrilled to be joined by the "80s Champ" himself, Jay Ledbetter of InSession Film's Extra Film Podcast, our good friend Gerald from Two Peas on a Podcast, and the Velvet Drizzle himself, Mr. Shawn Ennis of Stories of Yore and Yours. We rattle off our top five films of the decade!

Also this week, Nick FINALLY got around to watching Hereditary, Justin and LoySauce's favorite film of 2018, and the first segment is dedicated to a discussion about that film with full spoilers, so be warned! Stay tuned for the Mondaysode next week when we review the trailers for Ghostbusters: Afterlife and Wonder Woman '84! Thank you all so much for listening! We'll see you at the movies!!!

Top Five of 2018: 40:53

Please check out Jay and Ryan over at InSession Film, where they do the Extra Film podcast every Friday! Find them and the main show with JD and Brendan at!

Gerald and Andy are the hosts of Two Peas on a Podcast, where they (and sometimes Gerald and a guest) count down pop culture top fives. Check it out at!

The Velvet Drizzle himself, Mr. Shawn Ennis, hosts Stories of Yore and Yours, a bi-weekly storytelling podcast where he tells stories and adds music and sound effects for ambiance. Check out his amazing show at!

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Meet the Epic Film Guys

Epic Film Guy Nick lives in upstate NY and graduated from Clarion University of PA in 2010 with a degree in English (writing). While in college he studied film as part of a film studies minor and made a couple short films. He handles the sound production and editing of the show as well as its release and manages the twitter account @EpicFilmGuys.

Epic Film Guy Justin lives in a suburb of Washington D.C. after moving from the Binghamton, NY area with his wife and daughter. He is our resident "encyclopedia of film" and chances are, if you've heard some film news, Justin already heard it before you. A massive fan of the 80s and horror flicks of all shapes and sizes! Catch him on Facebook or our Instagram account @EpicFilmGuys.

Epic Film Guy Bryan/LoySauce/LoySocks/LoinSauce, AKA the God of Podcasting, lives in Virginia and is a creative director at the Alamo Drafthouse. He and Justin also host numerous screenings and the two share an avid love of horror. Find out what he's up to by following him on twitter @GoLoySauceGo!

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