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February 8, 2018

Episode 130 - The Master Debaters do the Epic Film Guys

Do you like salt? I hope so, because this week on the show, we've got another TAKEOVER episode for your ears, and this time it's an amazing podcast out of the UK... the #1 comedy podcast in the Midlands, to be precise! The Master Debaters- Michael, Sean, Jay, and Toffa are here to do the show proper, and they brought their cantankerous outlook on life and films with them!

This week, the guys will roll into the show and count down their top ten most over-rated films, with some lists that are guaranteed to ruffle a feather or two! There was so much content in the original audio file that the patron-only extended cut is an hour longer than the normal show... and you can get all of it for a buck a month, including some incredibly salty leftovers, bloopers, and outtakes!

We will be returning next week on the show with our third fan celebration episode, where we answer YOUR questions LIVE!!! Emily from The Story Behind will be back to host the show and help us do the show like only she can. Thank you all so much for listening! Choo-Choo motherfuckers!!

We're now in planning for the Livestream for the Cure 2.0 and we're signing up guests for programming blocks on the show. If you're interesting in taking part in the event please sign up at and stay tuned to our Facebook page and the show for more announcements for the event. It will be starting on Friday, May 18th at 6:00 PM EST and we'll be doing 30 hours of live content up through 6:00 PM on Sunday, May 20th. We hope to see you there to help us raise money for this amazing cause.

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We cannot thank the fine gentlemen from the Master Debaters, the saltiest podcast in the world, for graciously stepping in to fill in for us this week on the show. If you enjoyed hearing them, you'll love their comedy show and their videos... check them out and please subscribe at!

Toffa also hosts a movie podcast of his own called "Was it Worth it?" in which he and numerous guest hosts review films that Toffa has never seen and ask the ultimate question, "was it worth it?" Check it out at!

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Meet the Epic Film Guys

Epic Film Guy Nick lives in upstate NY and graduated from Clarion University of PA in 2010 with a degree in English (writing). While in college he studied film as part of a film studies minor and made a couple short films. He handles the sound production and editing of the show as well as its release and manages the twitter account @EpicFilmGuys.

Epic Film Guy Justin lives in a suburb of Washington D.C. after moving from the Binghamton, NY area with his wife and daughter. He is our resident "encyclopedia of film" and chances are, if you've heard some film news, Justin already heard it before you. A massive fan of the 80s and horror flicks of all shapes and sizes! Catch him on Facebook or our Instagram account @EpicFilmGuys.

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Friends of the Show

We'd like to give a huge shout-out for a lot of the shows we're proud to call friends, and that we're proud to call ourselves fans of. We especially have to thank our brothers in Perth, Paul & Wayne of The Countdown Movie & TV reviews, who have opened us up to a huge audience halfway across the world. Particular thanks to Paul who has been an amazing friend and has been infinitely helpful in terms of getting honest feedback on the evolution of the show. A huge thank you to Emily from The Story Behind podcast, whose support and friendship have kept this show alive through some of its darkest days. A huge thank you to some of our biggest podcasting friends, from Mr. X at the Angry Old Man, Shane from Now That I'm Older, David from The Unwritable Rant, Adam from Everyone Has a Podcast, Ro from the World of Ro, the entire crew at Afterburn 739, Mat at the One Word, Go! show, Justin from So I Married a Movie Geek, and Deana from the Twisted Philly podcast. We're probably forgetting someone, so thank you to ALL of you! We truly do love and appreciate your support.

We also have to give a huge shout out to #PodernFamily for helping to increase our exposure, and safe to say without it we wouldn't have met a lot of the podcasters and fans we're proud to call friends. We also want to give a huge shout out to the #MoviePodSquad, a group of movie podcasters in the #PodernFamily who have come together for our mutual love of film.

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