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October 27, 2016

Episode 069 - Our John Carpenter Retrospective!

Happy Halloween, everyone!!! All month long to now we've been celebrating everything horror, with our opening music to our Horror Challenge and the change from the Dose of Dangerfield over to the weekly horror clip. Last week, we aired Justin's interview with Cody Carpenter, and this week, we're celebrating one of the true icons of horror, his father, John Carpenter!! However, we could not undertake this kind of a tribute alone, and we've invited our good friends, Paul & Wayne from the Countdown Movie & TV Reviews back in the show for a mega John Carpenter retrospective! 

With our good friends from Perth here we'll also be discussing some movie news and we're looking at two trailers in Epic Previews; we've got the first teaser for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, and we're looking at the trailer for Hugh Jackman's last turn as Wolverine in the r-rated Logan. We've also got week six of Where in the World is the Lisp, and we're airing your voicemails with your Fanviews clips! 

All this, and of course, we'll be running down the final week of the Epic Film Guys horror challenge with shout-outs for everything everyone has watched over the past week. While we'll continue updating the website with everyone's picks through October 31st, this will be the last week we're reading them on the air. We also have your week six clip for Where in the World is the Lisp... we're getting closer to finding out where he's been hiding! We'll see you at the movies! 

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Justin joined the guys over at Cult 45 to talk about Sam Raimi's Evil Dead. Check out his appearance here: Check out more about Cult 45 over at! 

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Check out our good friends, Wayne and Paul, on the Countdown Movie and TV reviews podcast! Find them and rate them on iTunes at We'll be crossing over for a fourth time this month with our John Carpenter retrospective, so don't miss our mega Halloween episode! Please support them and pick up some Countdown swag at, and follow them on twitter @thecountdownpc. 

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