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September 29, 2016

Episode 065 - Classy Little Tribute

Happy International Podcast Day! Tomorrow (09/30) is a day to celebrate podcasts and podcasting, so to celebrate this week we'll be shouting out to some of our favorite shows, as well as talking about your favorite moments/episodes of the podcast & playing your fanviews clips of the same. As we do each and every week, we have to thank you very much for listening and supporting us in as many ways as you do.

Speaking of podcasting, however, we say goodbye to a podcast that has been infinitely influential to ours- the Classy Little Podcast has officially said goodbye. To thank them and remember them, especially Emily for how much her influence helped to shape the Epic Film Guys podcast, I've put together a little tribute to their show.

Last week on the show we mentioned that we were recording a day early so Justin could attend a book signing by his favorite scream queen of all time, Jamie Lee Curtis! Well, the pictures have already popped up on social media, but he's got quite the story to tell about meeting this iconic actress! 

We're also setting the stage everyone, so GET READY for the Epic Film Guys Horror Challenge!! Justin will, as last year, be watching 31 movies for the 31 days of October, but we're not asking our fans to go that far. Instead we're just asking you to watch ten. Pick five films you've never seen before, and another five that are your favorites, and watch them throughout the month of October. We'll keep a dedicated page on the website for the horror challenge at and track everyone's progress. Let us know what you're watching on social media or by calling Fanviews at 607.444.1473 and letting us know, and you'll get a shout-out on the show!

Last but not least, this week we're looking at two trailers in Epic Previews- first up, the trailer for the sci-fi thriller Passengers starring Chris Pratt & Jennifer Lawrence, and then Nick almost goes into a rant over the teaser for Ghost in the Shell starring Scarlett Johannson. Thank you so much everyone for listening- we'll see you at the movies!!

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Epic Previews...

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This week's Dose of Dangerfield:

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Please take a moment and visit and support my friends Brian and Kim by buying their book! It is personalized with the child's name, and is an adorable story with original artwork. Please help share the love for them! 

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