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January 28, 2016

Episode 030 - Our EPIC Fan Celebration!

THANK YOU!!! This week, our entire podcast is dedicated to YOU, the fans, and we'll be answering your questions as part of our Epic Fan Celebration! Without you guys, there would be no Epic Film Guys, so we wanted to take the time to thank you all properly for being part of the show. We've got lots of fun surprises planned for this week's show. 

In the Epic Previews segment this week, given our mounting excitement for the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, we're discussing the latest TV spots that debuted during the week, one for Batman and one for Superman. Listen as Supes tells Batman to "bury the Bat," and as Bruce Wayne makes his case to Alfred about why Superman must be destroyed. We also take aim at the marketing for Batman v Superman and ask what the hell is going on with it. What happened to that Superman Empire cover? What on Earth is up with that new poster? 

We got so many questions we actually had to trim out a big section of the Q&A that will now appear in next week's episode, along with our review of Hail, Caesar and the beginning of our Oscar retrospective. We want to thank everyone for contributing to the show with their questions, and a very big thank you to Emily of the Classy Little Podcast for moderating the event for us. You can listen to their show over at Cheers!

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